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It's 1:30am here, in my bed, and I should really be going to sleep. I'm logged into for the first time since I discovered it about a year ago, and I'm having fun exploring Musing Studio's various projects. I don't remember what pointed me toward this site again, but it was nice to stumble back upon it, and it feels more attractive to me now than it did before.

I find the idea of publishing writing on here really exciting, and I hope that I can use this space to journal and share ideas. I have been writing a lot this year—mostly for personal creative projects, which I'll talk more about—and it has been great for my happiness and general thinking. I'm not sure what this space will become (in most scenarios, this would be my only post to this site, ever), but I hope to use it more.

I have been using for nearly all my writing for about four months now, and I have been having a blast using it (check it out if you're not familiar!). It feels very conducive to the way I think and has helped me organize my thoughts in ways I didn't think I could. (It can't be done! they said.) The link-based nature of the Obsidian vault felt like a game changer for me, and it made writing feel much more approachable. This platform, however, feels much more linear in nature (like any blog I suppose), so I imagine that my hopes for it will be pretty different. Heck, I don't even feel compelled to proofread this.

I've been using Obsidian mostly for creating and detailing my fictional world Paiat, which I started doing for Dungeons & Dragons games I have been running for friends in recent months. While I have also been putting lots of work into comics, animation, and other artwork this year, writing and worldbuilding have felt like my primary creative outlets, and it has been exciting and refreshing.

I hope to use to share more about my experiences writing, running games, and worldbuilding—and probably some other life and work stuff, too. In this way, it will perhaps be more of a diary of my experiences of and questions about creative ventures than a showcase of the creative projects themselves.

I'm not sure who I expect to be here. If you're on this page, thank you for reading! Please, share your thoughts :)